Monday, 19 December 2011

Never Trust a Quiet Baby.

A quiet baby is always up to no good. Last night I left Bubby on the floor while I folded up some clothes. He was happily watching me and I look at him every couple of minutes to make a funny noise when he calls out 'Ha!" to get my attention. He was very quiet for a while and when I looked down he had shoved a receipt in his mouth and was very enthusiastically chewing on it. There was a small bit still hanging out. I had to pry his mouth open and fish around in there with my fingers to make sure I got every bit out that I actually made him throw up a little. He seemed to think that was a game and was also looking pleased with what he'd done. Unfortunately, there was no time to grab the camera. We think we got all the bits out but it was impossible to try and put the receipt together to see. If he ingested any it would have only been a very tiny piece. I never leave paper on the floor so I think the breeze must blown the receipt off the table. I didn't give any solids as he's already had his fill.

Another time, I was having my afternoon tea and having a bit of quiet time to myself while Bubby was also having a quiet time on the floor. He had managed to move off his mat and was observing the fringe on the rug. I just let him since he didn't look like he was eating it. When I walked up to him I realised that he was practising his fine motor skills by unravelling the knots on the fringe of the very expensive silk rug. He was two-handedly, expertly pulling on it with his pudgy little fingers. I say expertly because on closer inspection there were several undone knots along the edge of the rug. He must have had plenty of practice on a number of occasions. I have since put a beach towel with fringed ends over his mat but this boy has taste as he is not as impressed with a towel as he is with a Persian rug. I think I need a play pen, or a cage.

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