Thursday, 18 April 2013

Jamie's 15 Minute Meals.

It's no secret that I love cooking shows. The first cooking show I was hooked on was Wok With Yan back in the 80's when I was still in primary school. (I used to watch re-runs. I'm not that old!).
He used to wear the funniest aprons.

Anyway, I was watching Jamie's 15 Minute Meals which I normally love but tonight's episode kind of grossed me out. No, it's not the food, the meal actually looked really good. It's Jamie's hygienic practice or lack thereof. He handled raw chicken with his bare hands. Okay, so most chefs probably do, I myself while obviously not a chef, wear disposable gloves when handling chicken. That in itself is not bad but after he was done with the chicken he turned around opened a drawer grabbed a clean bowl touching other clean bowls in the process. He then gives his hands a quick wash and by that I mean he got them a little bit wet. He then touched a bottle of soy sauce, dipped his hand in a container of salt. After all that he then made his pickled cucumber which he thoroughly mushed with his unwashed hands and it was served raw. He then went on to chat casually about food while leaning on his elbow over the chopping board he used to slice the chicken, his shirt touching it. all I could see is cross contamination everywhere in his kitchen. I used to be a microbiologist so this is like one of my worst nightmares along with being sneezed and coughed on, walking in a hospital, and having to touch public bathroom doors especially the door knob types *shudder*. Anyway, no this is not going to stop me from watching Jamie. A cooking show is a cooking show. I am now watching one of my favourite movies as I type. Another microbiologist's nightmare, Ratatouille.

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