Sunday, 24 June 2012

Kitchen (Mis)Adventure -Chicken Noodle Soup and Nicoise Salad

On Friday night I made chicken noodle soup and Nicoise salad for dinner. I don't think they go together but hubby insisted.
Photo I took last year of my chicken noodle soup. I didn't take a photo of Friday's version, it wasn't plated as nicely as this anyway.

Not a photogenic Nicoise salad. I accidentally cut one of my eggs crosswise instead of lengthwise.

The chicken noodle soup is just what one needs on a cold winter's night. There something not right about my salad. I think it's the kalamata olives, it sort of had a bitter after taste, or it could be because I substituted lemon juice with Italian white wine vinegar. It's not that I didn't have any lemons, I have tree full of it but it was too cold to go outside and harvest one.

My lemon tree, photo taken on a different much colder and wetter day.

Carefully choosing his green beans

Bubby liked the soup and he absolutely loved the green beans (the tuna, not so much). This kid loves his green vegetables, how lucky am I?

Sunday, 17 June 2012

A is for Apple. A Gruesome Find.

After several weeks of half words and speaking in syllables Bubby finally said his first proper word and he's been saying it all day. We thought it would be plane (pluh) or bird (bur) but it turned out to be Apple. He's never tried to say the word but while watching his Brain Baby ABC dvd he said apple very clearly the first time. I have to say that I love that he loves the Brainy Baby dvds and would sit on his own watching intently for the entire duration of the show which is around 25 minutes. Whoever said that babies have a short attention span?

I made a pretty gruesome discovery in the backyard this morning. What did this, what was it and where is the rest of it?!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Finally, New Post!

It's been a long while, I know. It's hard having only limited access to the internet. I have barely gone on FB in the last seven or eight weeks and I felt disconnected from the rest of the world. We have moved but still living out of boxes. The first day of the move went well and I managed to unpack and organise my kitchen in one day but then we all came down with some nasty flu/super bug and asthma. I was so sick I had to take a week off work and probably should have stayed home another week. I've never taken that much time off from work and worse still was that it was one of the busiest weeks at work so I ended up doing work at home in lieu of complete bed rest.  Anyway, there were a lot of things I wanted to blog about but they're all old news now so here's the last eight weeks in photos in totally random order.

My brother teaching Bubby how to play the piano in matching outfits, no less.

Bubby enjoying a fine day at the park. His first time on a swing and he loved it.

Isn't that nice? Some random house we passed by on one of our walks.

This is how my parents put Bubby to sleep. I must get me an iphone.

Living with the in-laws for seven weeks was good as I didn't have to cook dinner but I had to battle one and a half hours of traffic with a cranky baby in the back seat. I'm so glad I don't have to do this anymore.

I love the people I work with. Someone's send off before maternity leave. They planned to do the same for me last year but I ended up going on leave much sooner than I planned

I mentioned before that my shoes went into storage by mistake so I had to get new shoes :). I got these in two tone cream/black too (Second pair half price, how could I say no?) I already bought a pair of black patent ballet flats before I spotted these ones. Hubby made me buy them :).

I also got these as I needed heels. I was going to buy them in black too but I knew I already had black heels.

The in laws didn't have a full length mirror (shock horror!). I don't actually get to see if my bottom matches my top until I get to work where there's a full length mirror in the back of one of the labs. It's a fat mirror too, I weigh 44 kg and this mirror made me look heavy, or maybe it's the outfit, the blazer made my hips look really wide. Quite often my outfits don't look cohesive like this mess for example, a cream blazer over a dark green vest over a white blouse and grey trousers with nude shoes. As I said I only have a vanity mirror and have to get dressed in the dark at the crack of dawn (to beat the God-awful traffic).  That and I really need to update my wardrobe.

15 minutes from the city but I feel like I live in the bush. It's nice. Except for the rain. We actually have views of buildings which you can't see because of the rain/fog.

Bubby turned 1! I took the day off, actually the week because I was so sick. Needless to say it was a non-event. Had I planned a party I would have had to cancel it as everyone who came into contact with us came down with the flu. We did have cake (three, actually) and hubby got Bubby presents. I haven't gotten him anything yet but I will. I'm planning a party for him in mid July, it's not like he'll know it's a month and a half late.
Cake #1

First taste.

Bubby takes it upon himself to start unpacking.

It's never too early to put them to work.

Kitchen at the new house. I have a walk-in pantry, for a one-year old :).

Fleeing the scene of a crime.

Today's weather is really bringing me down. My driveway is turning into a river.

A few more millimetres of rain and I will have myself an infinity pool.

I'm upset that I missed this year's Vivid Sydney due to being sick and the rain. I missed last year's too due to having just given birth and all. Customs House and the Light Sculptures look really good this year. Bubby would have really enjoyed it as he's obsessed with lights. I hope the Sun shines tomorrow.