Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Back to Work.

Don't you just hate how as soon as Christmas is over all the back to school merchandise comes out. It's so sad because you just know that the days of lounging at home are numbered when really they have just started (because the couple of days off before Christmas is no rest time for the weary). I guess I should stop complaining as most people have been back at work for some weeks now. Hopefully work will be better this year. We have a new head and new direction (as opposed to no direction at the end of last year).

It's a bit sad that the last day of my holidays looked like this. It was even worse when I braved it and went to the city to buy a bed. It was raining sideways. On the upside it was nice and cool.

Taking shelter from the torrential rain.

 Which is apparently very boring so Bubby tries to escape his pram through the flap.

I love this photo. Bubby hugging and kissing the baby.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Today's Facebook Status.

Some things always happen in slow motion. Such as when a rambunctious toddler grabs your phone, you watch him throw it in the air, it seems to hang suspended, its inevitable fall slowed down by some kind of aether, it drops with a splash, and sinks, ever so slowly, to the bottom of the f^ck!%# pool.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Sydney's Hottest Day on Record.

I didn't dare venture outside to check if this is correct.

 Thank goodness the a/c was installed yesterday!

This car will be taken out for a spin as soon as it becomes somewhat bearable outside.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

(Pregnant) Women's Wear Daily.

I mentioned before how much I hate maternity wear. It's mostly because:
a) it's so hard to find petite sizes, it's as if short, skinny women don't fall pregnant. Although nobody can call me skinny at the moment.

b) they are mostly casual looking shirts or cargo pants/shorts/skirts. It's as if pregnant people must all dress like they don't care what they look to the rest of the world. On the subject of cargo wear, I just don't get it. Why would anyone need that many pockets? Two, nay, one should suffice. That's what bags are for people. I just don't get the whole concept of 'dressing for comfort' (a euphemism for dressing sloppily).  When I look sloppy I feel uncomfortable.

c) there are lots of stylish maternity clothes but they're not what I consider affordable. I mean, on a cost per wear basis I just don't think I'm willing to spend that much. And then again they mostly don't fit me right anyway.

I really want  Betty Draper's maternity wardrobe. She is my pregnancy idol. Sure she smoked and drank alcohol throughout her pregnancy and even had a one night stand but she looked good doing all of it. I am joking, of course.

My family have (Have or has? Is it a collective or singular noun? Whatever.) returned from their holiday and brought back a heap of maternity outfits for me. Yay! Here's my haul:
I can see myself wearing the first two even if I wasn't pregnant. The shift dress is a bit big and I'll need to get it altered.

I love the one with the green belt. 

Here I am wearing the green with brown polka dots. It looks better with a belt.

I now own 3 pairs of shorts. I didn't really want shorts but at least they look tailored and great for running around Bubby at the park.

I'm not really sure how to wear the blouse. I usually wear blouses tucked into pants or skirts but this has bat wing arms. The maxi dress is actually not a maternity dress but it should fit. Bubby obviously thinks that it will look better with cars on it.

I'm quite pleased. The next 6 months is starting to look less bleak fashion-wise.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I Hate the Heat.

It was an awfully hot day yesterday. We stayed at the in-laws place all day because they have a/c and we don't (which is going to be rectified ASAP). We arrived home around 7.30 pm and Bubby was already sound asleep in the car and didn't even wake up when I brought him in the house. By that time it was still incredibly hot in the bedrooms upstairs - I'm guessing no less than 35 degrees probably closer to 40. It was definitely not humanly possible to sleep in the bedrooms so we camped out in the front room downstairs, the only liveable part of the house.

This was Bubby around 8 pm last night. He was quite good only waking up once just after midnight and went back to sleep after a brief bum patting. I woke up at 4am and panicked when I couldn't see him on the couch in the dark. I thought he had gotten himself wedged in between the couch and the cushions. He was ok. I found him fast asleep on the floor. He must have rolled off but didn't even wake up. Luckily I put those cushions on the floor.

I wish I could say I slept soundly too but I was so uncomfortable, I didn't sleep much at all. Thank goodness today is a cool 22 degrees around here. That's 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. Saturday is going to be another shocker although not as bad as yesterday. I can't wait for the a/c.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Stay Safe Sydney.

Not looking forward to today's weather. It's cool outside so you wouldn't think that there will be a heatwave. I can barely stand 30 degrees let alone 43 degrees. In some areas it will be 'catastrophic' which I didn't realise was an actual fire danger rating, I thought people were just being a bit melodramatic.

Our backyard is a lush bush of gum trees so hopefully we'll be okay. Our area is only rated 'extreme'.

It's probably all too late to clean out the gutters now.

Maybe we should leave the sprinklers on all day directed at the house. Ah well, what's the point when the neighbours have a stockpile of firewood nestled in between their gum trees.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

A Low Key Christmas.

Christmas this year was very low key not that we've ever had an elaborate Christmas but with my entire family overseas we only had half a Christmas with the in-laws. That didn't stop Bubby from getting lots of presents from his parents.
These are just some of his presents. I couldn't be bothered to wrap the rest of them and a lot of them I just wrapped together. He still hasn't opened all of his presents. Notice how the tree is bald at toddler height? I found a stash of Christmas tree baubles on the stairs. Not a great place to put them.

Bubby received a rocking horse from his grandparents. He calls it Cow.

Christmas lunch was roast pumpkin and potatoes, roast lamb, cauliflower and broccoli with bechamel sauce and of course Christmas pudding. Bubby even had his own place at the table.

What I wore. I hate most maternity clothes with a passion. This is not a maternity dress and it's also in my usual size. I'm amazed at how well it can hide my bump considering I already look like I'm 6 months pregnant.

I love these sandals I bought very cheaply form Kuala Lumpur four years ago. They still look as good as new.

Hubby got an original (not the popularised version) custom made Cambridge satchel. I want one too. A smaller version. In baby pink. With my own initials.