Sunday, 31 March 2013

Update. Happy Easter. 6th Anniversary Special.

Not much to update on really, so just lots of random pics of the last couple of weeks.

Smiley face on a Sunday morning while making strawberry pancakes.

Bubby discovers body art. Since then we've had beans, broccoli, corn and chicken. Luckily, his interest in stuffing food in his ears didn't last long. 

Bubby's broad bean.

Bubby's Easter hat or what's left of it. He insisted on wearing it the entire way home.

Bubby wanted to wear a tie and a hat. He grabbed his lion lunchbox, headed out the door and said good bye.

When you're on to a good thing get them in every colour. They only cost $15. I might go back and get the red and the black pairs.

This is what happens when you leave laundry markers within toddler's reach. The worst part is what he did to this pristine cream table cloth.
Spot the purple pen. 

Love birds outside my window at work.
Happy Easter! Bubby made the bag and baked the cookie.

It's not only Easter it's also our 6th wedding anniversary. Most people say their wedding day is the happiest day of their lives. I'm even happier now than the day I got married. Although my waistline is not quite as tiny. This year's present is not quite as extravagant as last year's.

Wood themed 5th wedding anniversary present. 

No presents this year but we did go shopping yesterday and we bought a new iron last month maybe that counts. Iron being the traditional 6th anniversary present and along, along with sweets and being Easter there was a lot of that already.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter long weekend!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Day Out Without Bubby.

I can count with one hand, three fingers to be precise, the number of times I've been out without Bubby that didn't involve going to the doctor or running errands or grocery shopping or attending a funeral. It's such a rare treat to be able to be somewhat carefree. I had such a nice catch up with a friend in the city yesterday.

We felt like yum cha so we headed to the Fat Buddha in the Queen Victoria building. It was the worst yum cha experience ever. Not that the food was bad, I never really got the chance to taste them. We managed to order two things but the trolleys just kept zooming right past us despite our best attempts to flag them down. It was past 2 pm by this time and the place was almost empty so there was absolutely no excuse. We decided to cut our losses and find somewhere else to eat. It was the first time I walked out of a yum cha restaurant without feeling like I'm about to burst especially since we were fully prepped for a food comatose. What a fat disappointment.

Afterwards we headed to Din Tai Fung dumpling bar in Westfield Centrepoint. They didn't have as extensive a menu as the one in World Square but what they had was really good.
The vegetable won ton with spicy sauce was YUM.
Pity there wasn't much else I could eat because most have pork. Which meant there was room for dessert. There are so many places to go to for dessert in the city but somehow we always end up in Max Brenner. My favourite is the cramped cozy four-table Max Brenner next to David Jones on the lower ground floor. I'm a creature of habit and I've been going there for years. 

Speaking of habit. You know you have one when a barista recites your order even before you've placed it. 
Sausage McMuffin meal with apple juice and small skim chai latte. 

No, I don't have McDonald's for breakfast everyday. The chai latte isn't even for me. It's for a friend at work who leaves a breakfast bar on my desk every morning and usually has some sort of fruit for me as well. Back in my Sydney Uni days the guy from Wendy's in the Wentworth building will start making my hot chocolate as soon as he sees me walking up the stairs. I give him a quick wave, I go to the bathroom and by the time I come out my hot chocolate and two cinnamon doughnuts are waiting for me. Doughnuts and hash browns. It sounds bad but my diet isn't really as bad as it sounds, really.