Monday, 30 January 2012

What's Been Keeping Me Busy Lately?

One very mobile Bubby.

All day, everyday, all that I ever do is keep this little baby out of trouble. He has been commando/worm/caterpillar/seal crawling since 6 months but he finally managed to crawl properly a few weeks ago. He gained his freedom and I completely lost mine. On the same day he also learnt to pull himself up on furniture to stand. So, if I'm not chasing him I'm preventing this from happening:

Don't worry, he was okay. I caught him and didn't drop the camera either.

Other than crawling and pulling himself up on furniture, legs and table cloth he also has a penchant for pulling cords preferably ones that are plugged in to the playstation, laptop, socket or tv. I gave him his own cord to play with but he ditches that and goes for the ones that could potentially kill him or worse, break the playstation.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

3 AM, We Meet Again.


It's been a while since we've been together and I hate your guts more than ever. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, my arse. Has anyone ever really had a 7-8 month old who slept through the night? If you have then

a) you are extremely lucky and should buy a lottery ticket. Or maybe not because you've probably already used up all your luck.
b) you are lying to yourself or in denial. You know, 3am is technically early morning hence your baby is sleeping through night if he stays asleep until at least midnight..
c) you are lying.
d) you are sleeping through the night and don't hear your baby's cries.
e) you are Tizzie Hall and don't actually have a baby.

ETA: I just read somewhere on the interweb that Tizzie Hall has actually had a baby in 2008. I wonder if he slept through the night and how many times he's had to cry himself to sleep because his mother has ignored him.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Long Unplanned Hiatus. Decluttering and Culling. Happy Shoes.

It's been 19 days since my last post. The hiatus was unplanned. Hubby has been home so we have been spending time as a family. Now that he's back at work I actually have time to write. Every blogger I follow seems to have embraced decluttering in the New Year, being a joiner, so have I. I'm not quite as good at it as every piece of junk I own seems to have sentimental value. Hubby was ruthless, though. The culling/decluttering conversation went something like this:

Me: (trying to hide a canvas shopping bag)
Hubby: (in a stern voice) Throw it out.
Me: But it's still good.
Hubby: Throw it out.
Me: But my dad gave it to me.
Hubby: Throw it out.
Me: But I could use it for...
Hubby: Throw it out.
Me: But..
Hubby: Throw it out.

The day's conversations were pretty much a repeat of that for different items. So on New Year's Day that's virtually all we did. Some people find it cleansing and calming but it makes me panicky that I might have thrown out something that I will eventually, maybe years down the track, maybe have a use for. The culling that I found uplifting would be my wardrobe culling. I threw out all the clothes that I kept because they still fit (I never grow so that's a lot of clothes) even though they were very old, ugly, don't suit me or just out of fashion. I kept a lot of them to wear around the house or to bed. I made the decision to throw out anything that doesn't make me look good. I was ruthless there. After all if you look good, you feel good. Now that I've gotten rid of unwanted clothes I can see what's missing. White tops, for example. I need more white shirts, blouses and tanks. Time to hit the sales or what's left of them. I also got rid of my maternity pants. Not that I'm not planning on having another one but I hated wearing them when pregnant. They never stayed up and I spent most of my day pulling them up. So they're gone. There were some ancient outfits that I kept. Like the pink Snoopy polo shirt that I've had since grade 4. They still fit me perfectly too. I told you I never grow. The next thing I have to tackle is my shoe cupboard. It's actually the linen closet but there's no linen to be found in there. Just shoes. My shoes. That is going to be very difficult and very emotional. How can I ever get rid of my patent leather ballet flats that I wore to death on our honeymoon? It was new when we left Sydney and after 22 days of walking on cobblestones and gravel the leather on the heel had peeled off and was worn down to the bone.

Speaking of patent leather ballet flats. These are my happy shoes.

There's something about red patent leather, isn't there? I wear these shoes with everything, especially navy. They make me happy. Everyone should have a pair of red patent leather shoes.