Sunday, 22 January 2012

3 AM, We Meet Again.


It's been a while since we've been together and I hate your guts more than ever. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, my arse. Has anyone ever really had a 7-8 month old who slept through the night? If you have then

a) you are extremely lucky and should buy a lottery ticket. Or maybe not because you've probably already used up all your luck.
b) you are lying to yourself or in denial. You know, 3am is technically early morning hence your baby is sleeping through night if he stays asleep until at least midnight..
c) you are lying.
d) you are sleeping through the night and don't hear your baby's cries.
e) you are Tizzie Hall and don't actually have a baby.

ETA: I just read somewhere on the interweb that Tizzie Hall has actually had a baby in 2008. I wonder if he slept through the night and how many times he's had to cry himself to sleep because his mother has ignored him.


  1. Don't hate me but my baby slept through from 6 months but I put this down to the fact that he was bottle fed. It's the luck of the draw. My nice slept through from 5 months and my nephew us 2 and wakes up all through the night exhausting my sister. Please email me if you want to talk. The tizzy book helped me but I follow it loosely xxxx

  2. I never let my baby cry himself to sleep either he does a crazy self settling thing where he growls and clutches a bear! It's really the luck of the draw xxx