Monday, 30 January 2012

What's Been Keeping Me Busy Lately?

One very mobile Bubby.

All day, everyday, all that I ever do is keep this little baby out of trouble. He has been commando/worm/caterpillar/seal crawling since 6 months but he finally managed to crawl properly a few weeks ago. He gained his freedom and I completely lost mine. On the same day he also learnt to pull himself up on furniture to stand. So, if I'm not chasing him I'm preventing this from happening:

Don't worry, he was okay. I caught him and didn't drop the camera either.

Other than crawling and pulling himself up on furniture, legs and table cloth he also has a penchant for pulling cords preferably ones that are plugged in to the playstation, laptop, socket or tv. I gave him his own cord to play with but he ditches that and goes for the ones that could potentially kill him or worse, break the playstation.

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