Sunday, 13 January 2013

(Pregnant) Women's Wear Daily.

I mentioned before how much I hate maternity wear. It's mostly because:
a) it's so hard to find petite sizes, it's as if short, skinny women don't fall pregnant. Although nobody can call me skinny at the moment.

b) they are mostly casual looking shirts or cargo pants/shorts/skirts. It's as if pregnant people must all dress like they don't care what they look to the rest of the world. On the subject of cargo wear, I just don't get it. Why would anyone need that many pockets? Two, nay, one should suffice. That's what bags are for people. I just don't get the whole concept of 'dressing for comfort' (a euphemism for dressing sloppily).  When I look sloppy I feel uncomfortable.

c) there are lots of stylish maternity clothes but they're not what I consider affordable. I mean, on a cost per wear basis I just don't think I'm willing to spend that much. And then again they mostly don't fit me right anyway.

I really want  Betty Draper's maternity wardrobe. She is my pregnancy idol. Sure she smoked and drank alcohol throughout her pregnancy and even had a one night stand but she looked good doing all of it. I am joking, of course.

My family have (Have or has? Is it a collective or singular noun? Whatever.) returned from their holiday and brought back a heap of maternity outfits for me. Yay! Here's my haul:
I can see myself wearing the first two even if I wasn't pregnant. The shift dress is a bit big and I'll need to get it altered.

I love the one with the green belt. 

Here I am wearing the green with brown polka dots. It looks better with a belt.

I now own 3 pairs of shorts. I didn't really want shorts but at least they look tailored and great for running around Bubby at the park.

I'm not really sure how to wear the blouse. I usually wear blouses tucked into pants or skirts but this has bat wing arms. The maxi dress is actually not a maternity dress but it should fit. Bubby obviously thinks that it will look better with cars on it.

I'm quite pleased. The next 6 months is starting to look less bleak fashion-wise.

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  1. Oh my gosh, some of those new outfits are gorgeous...... and yes maternity wear is bleak unless you want to spend a fortune, which is not practical for something you'll only wear a handful of times!