Thursday, 3 January 2013

A Low Key Christmas.

Christmas this year was very low key not that we've ever had an elaborate Christmas but with my entire family overseas we only had half a Christmas with the in-laws. That didn't stop Bubby from getting lots of presents from his parents.
These are just some of his presents. I couldn't be bothered to wrap the rest of them and a lot of them I just wrapped together. He still hasn't opened all of his presents. Notice how the tree is bald at toddler height? I found a stash of Christmas tree baubles on the stairs. Not a great place to put them.

Bubby received a rocking horse from his grandparents. He calls it Cow.

Christmas lunch was roast pumpkin and potatoes, roast lamb, cauliflower and broccoli with bechamel sauce and of course Christmas pudding. Bubby even had his own place at the table.

What I wore. I hate most maternity clothes with a passion. This is not a maternity dress and it's also in my usual size. I'm amazed at how well it can hide my bump considering I already look like I'm 6 months pregnant.

I love these sandals I bought very cheaply form Kuala Lumpur four years ago. They still look as good as new.

Hubby got an original (not the popularised version) custom made Cambridge satchel. I want one too. A smaller version. In baby pink. With my own initials.

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