Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Back to Work.

Don't you just hate how as soon as Christmas is over all the back to school merchandise comes out. It's so sad because you just know that the days of lounging at home are numbered when really they have just started (because the couple of days off before Christmas is no rest time for the weary). I guess I should stop complaining as most people have been back at work for some weeks now. Hopefully work will be better this year. We have a new head and new direction (as opposed to no direction at the end of last year).

It's a bit sad that the last day of my holidays looked like this. It was even worse when I braved it and went to the city to buy a bed. It was raining sideways. On the upside it was nice and cool.

Taking shelter from the torrential rain.

 Which is apparently very boring so Bubby tries to escape his pram through the flap.

I love this photo. Bubby hugging and kissing the baby.

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