Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sleep Tight Teddy.

Sweet dreams Teddy Boy, little Houdini, crazy dog. Almost 16 years of mayhem. The number of times you kept me up late at night because you were hungry and would only eat if I hand fed you. The number of times you made me late in the morning because you managed to escape. The number of times I came home from uni/ballet/work to find you waiting outside the front door when you should have been inside the backyard. The number of times I woke up at 2 am to the sound of all the neighbourhood dogs barking like mad. The night I finally discovered how you manage to escape and jump over the almost two metre fence. Wherever you are now there are lots of fences to climb over and dig under, fields to run wild in, high places to jump from and all the steak and coke you can eat and drink. You can roll around the dirt and mud as much as you want and never get dirty, if you do you will get a bath and a blow dry and will actually like it. You can pick fights with the bigger dogs and this time you'll win and they will be the ones with patches of fur missing. I'll always remember your favourite game of running around the backyard at full speed wanting to be caught and how you'd stop and pretend to drink so I can get a little closer before you bolt again. I remember your favourite patch of dirt to lie on and how you'd sleep there even if it's cold. I'll always remember how you used to lie in the plastic basin I used to fill with water on hot days. I'll always remember how you used to wake me up with the sound of your body crashing against my window when you jump up on the window sill to bathe in the sunlight like a cat and how you used to bark at your own reflection on the piano and my Hello Kitty money box. I could go on and on. You had a really good long run, you never seemed to get tired, until now. Sleep tight my Teddy Boy.

He always had the cutest little nose.

I'm amazed I managed to get him to stand still long enough to take this photo.

Teddy Boy 1997 - 2013.


  1. I am sad Teddy has gone. The loss of a pet is always very emotional xxx

  2. RIP Teddy. 16 years is indeed great run and sounds like both you and him enjoyed every bit of that journey together. I am sorry to hear he is gone.


  3. I'm sorry for your loss. It sounds like he brought you a lot of pleasure over the years

  4. Thanks, FF, BB and Katie. Teddy was equal parts a pleasure and a pain! I wouldn't have had him any other way.