Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Things That Annoy Me. Things That I Love.

It's not surprising that the things that annoy me always involve driving or other drivers.

Look at this jerk who parked so close to the back of my car that I can barely fit in there. I made sure that there was enough space between the back of my car and the line so I have enough space to load the shopping and the pram only to come back to this. For goodness sake, there is a line and any idiot who knows how to drive and presumably park, knows you're supposed to be inside your line. I was forced to lift the pram way above my waistline in order to get it in the boot. I am fat with child and have been suffering from terrible hip and lower back pain hence nobody can blame me for accidentally bashing the pram on the jerk's car as I attempted to lift it. It may have happened more than once. I wish I had a left a note to tell the driver how inconsiderate he was. 

I also noticed a scratch on my passenger side door which could only have been the result of someone opening their car door on mine, hard. It's on the same side where Bubby's car seat is so I know I always leave plenty of room on that side. I have posted before about another moron who parked too close to me on Bubby's side (see here) and I still managed to get Bubby in the car without hitting the other car so the jerk who hit mine must have been a real piece of work. It just pisses me right off.

Don't be fooled by this peaceful looking tree-lined street in one of Sydney's most expensive suburbs. It is a great source of pain in the mornings. A single lane thoroughfare to the road leading to the only entrance to the Cross City Tunnel. Such poor planning. Do not be fooled also by the street's name that contains the word ocean because there is no ocean view.

How painful it must be to get a glimpse of your destination in the distance knowing it's so close (if you have a hover car) yet it's about an hour away. Morning peak hour school run traffic is enough to drive you insane. I wish Bubby's school opens at 6 am so I don' have to go through this everyday.

You might be wondering how I can take photos while driving. It's because I don't have a tv I can watch while I'm waiting for the traffic to move.

There are lots to love though. Not driving, obviously.

Bubby is so helpful. He carries the shopping in for me. I don't even have to ask. He also vacuums and sweeps the floor.

He waters the garden too.

Daddy and Bubby going for an evening stroll.

My favourite summer fun photo: Bubbby spraying his daddy with the hose. The look on hubby's face as he tries to run away was priceless.

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  1. HA HA, kids love helping out. My sons would spend all day washing clothes by hand with me if they saw me do it *lol* Plus, it's good to get kids to embrace housework early. :) My Bubba's favourite is cooking with my husband. In fact telling him he can't cook with his dad is like punishment! *lol*

    And I totally hear ya on people who can't park/drive!!!