Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Spring Break

The weather has been so lovely lately. There has been a bit of rain but not enough to dampen our plans.
After I do the morning drop off I do a lap around Centennial Park and sit down to do some work. 

This made my heart stop. I know the train won't move, but still.

We found the space shuttle and he was off!

At least this entertainment was free.

First ferry ride.

First bus ride.
Art and About. This year hasn't been as good as previous years', I don't think. Not enough interactive stuff. Trolleys by Shaun Parker & Company was pretty cool, though.

First ice cream

Train ride home. "Next stop is Milson's Point. We are now at Milson's Point." He did that for every station until we got to our stop. He also declared, "Wollestonecraft, that's where the dinosaurs live but they're not here right now."

There was plenty of action at home too.

And more tree-climbing action.

We are discussing our first family holiday.  I am desperate to go on an overseas holiday but seeing as my passport has expired, I still need to get our marriage certificate so I can officially change my name and get a new passport and only a few more days of holiday left in which I have more work to do (it's turned out to be a work from home holiday), I doubt I'll get myself organised in time. Taking two very energetic toddlers on a long flight seems so daunting and we're not really interested in the resort type destinations that are relatively close. A road trip is looking like a happy solution. We shall see.

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