Saturday, 26 November 2011

Sleepy Cuddles

I haven't been able to post during the AM feeds because the WiFi connection in Bubby's room keeps dropping out.

Things have not been so good lately, yesterday being the worst. Bubby woke up every two hours in the night but didn't sleep during the day. At times like that you really have to dig deep in your psyche to keep your sanity. I look at the 1000+ photos of Bubby in all his cute and adorable glory.

The other thing that keeps me sane and one that I only ever get during the overnight feeds is the sleepy cuddle. Bubby doesn't fall asleep in his mummy's arms like most babies do. I trained him to put himself to sleep very early on and that's pretty much the only and quickest way he'd fall asleep. However, he usually feeds in the middle of the night while fast asleep. So once he's done I get to cuddle. Even stupid o'clock feeds have their silver lining.

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