Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Kitchen (Mis)Adventure - The Gourmet Snag

Last week I had lunch at the swish new food court at the Westfield Sydney CBD where everything gives a gourmet vibe with matching gourmet price. I settled for a place which sells what looked like New York style sausages. After several minutes of deliberation, I decided  on the simplest item on the menu, an Australian fare with a beef sausage, tomato sauce and cheddar cheese on a brioche bun,  because I simply couldn't decide. As I watch it cook in the open fire grill, I had high hopes that my gourmet snag with the gourmet price will be so juicy and delicious that it will rock my world. Well, it didn't. It wasn't dry but it tasted as gourmet as a school fundraising sausage sizzle not even as tasty. Don't get me wrong, I'm no snag snob. I love a good sausage sizzle but I don't pay $7+ for it. The best part of my snag was the brioche bun. I'm glad I didn't pay more for a fancier item on the menu. My friend who had the chorizo said hers was really salty. I could have done with a bit of salt on mine.

I was so disappointed and underwhelmed that I decided to make my own gourmet snag. I rocked up to my local Woolies where they have just renovated their deli section and filled it with lots of gourmet delights. I bought a couple of Wagyu beef sausages, pickle relish, shredded mixed Italian cheese and crusty rolls. I already had whole egg mayonnaise (a staple in my fridge), Dijon mustard and home brand tomato sauce at home. The result was this:

It doesn't look all that pretty because let's face it, a snag ain't ever gonna look pretty but it tasted GOOD. My just under $2 sausage was so juicy and bursting with flavour even without the condiments it would have been good on its own. The chips looked a tad bit overcooked but I always give hubby the best ones. Next time I will try it with American style mustard and gourmet buns from the Becasse bakery. Hubby's verdict - it's pretty good which is a 4/5 (that's because he didn't have the mustard and had bbq sauce instead of tomato sauce. He seriously doesn't know what he's missing out on ). My verdict - it rocked my world!

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