Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bubby is 6 months old today!

My current FB status:
This time six months ago, after a week of pre-labour, I was being induced and watching some very bad daytime TV, while listening to Sherlock's heartbeats. Four hours later I was introduced to my new best friend, Epidural, and another three hours later I would be in theatre for an emergency C-sec. It would be another 40 minutes before a very tiny and wrinkly Sherlock was born. It would be another five days before he is finally named.
Sherlock/Bubby at 12 hours

Bubby has grown and developed so much. Not only is he exactly 4 kg heavier and 16 cm longer, he also has so much personality. He loves to play peek-a-boo, loves animal noises especially barking but hates quacking. He loves to look at himself in the mirror and chew on everything and sometimes simultaneously

 For someone with a very limited vocabulary he talks a lot. He says 'Dadadada' when he's in a good mood and cries out 'Mememem' when he's upset. He probably figured out that Daddy is fun but Mummy fixes things and makes everything okay.

He can sit up on his own so long as he doesn't suddenly whip his head around 360 degrees or tries to eat his own foot.

He can almost crawl. He gets up on all fours then moves his knees forward but just hasn't figured out that he has to move his arms as well so he topples over. For now, the less mobile he is the better.

He likes his solids and insists on feeding himself.

He's a pretty good eater and would devour even food he finds disgusting. After gagging for a bit he finished a bowl of mashed avocado.
He loves to fly.

He does silly things like hide under the blanket then have a look around.

He is just generally cute, adorable and has lots of personality.

I love you my baby boy! You are worth a lifetime of 3 AM feeds. I mean that figuratively, of course.

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