Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Educating Boys

Photo source: Loretta Chin
Is mighty expensive. My husband and I have been buried in prospectuses, application forms and schedules of fees for some weeks now. (Yes, I know, Bubby is 6 and a half months now, we've left it so late. Isn't it ridiculous?) The prospect of 13 - 14 years of tuition fees is enough to make you want to rob a bank or take all your savings and place it on the roulette in the hopes of doubling it. Oh wait, that last one is on the (over)price of Sydney properties. One school we are were considering has limited intake years, The boy pretty much has to start at the school from pre-preschool for a place in prep and secondary schools. Their early childhood centre (read: glorified child care) is currently $24,000 a year for 5 days a week. Shocking. I wonder if it still qualifies the parents for childcare rebate. One school has a pre-school entry which is basically where boys are 'trained' to be cooperative and to be able to concentrate for longer periods. This appeals to us as anything that will turn Bubby from the unruly puppy that he is to a real human being can't be a bad thing.

So if it's so expensive why not just go public, you might be wondering. Some public schools are good, some have a bad reputation. You have to live in the right area to get into the good ones. The right areas are a long commute from the city, some are hideously expensive suburbs. One of the schools we're considering is close to hubby's work, the other is close to mine. Plus there's the added advantage of very cute prep school uniform. Bubby will look so good in a little blazer with a little tie and a little hat. I hope Bubby is clever enough to get into a selective public high school, then maybe we won't have to sell our kidneys.

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