Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bubby's First Christmas. Bubby's First Tooth.

As you can see, Bubby was quite spoilt. This doesn't even show the high chair my parents bought for him and the toy and outfits I got for him from the end of year sales. Hubby and I spent the better part of Christmas eve buying presents for Bubby. We were like little kids let loose in a toy store. We Bubby has almost the complete stuffed toy characters of Sesame Street circa 1980's. He has Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird, Mr Snuffleupagus, The Count, Grover and Elmo (although he's not from the 80's). We now only need Bert and Ernie. I really have my doubts if half of his toys are for him or for his parents. We also got him Scoobie Doo (Hubby and I did a divide and conquer of Toys r' Us and each of us ended up with a Scoobie). I was also going to get him the Super Mario set but had to restrain myself. I ended up letting him choose one Mario character. He smiled at most of them but King Koopa turned out to be his favourite. He squealed with so much delight when I showed it to him that I nearly bought him all of the King Koopas on the shelf. He also got heaps of toys from my in-laws. Now our house is filled with stuffed toys and lots of  "yellow plastic crap" as hubby calls them.

Christmas this year was so much fun. Everyday is so much fun.

Bubby's first tooth erupted today!. If I didn't see it I wouldn't think he was teething. He's his usual bubbly and cheeky self. I shall post a photo if he'll open his mouth for me without his hand in it.

ETA: A screenshot from a video my brother took:

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