Saturday, 31 December 2011

Kitchen (Mis)Adventure - Marion's Kitchen Thai Basil and Chilli Stir Fry

I love cooking (when I feel like it, not when I have to) and I love cooking shows. I like watching MasterChef  Australia and I think that I only missed one episode of Season 3 which was on the night I gave birth. In fact, it was on the TV while I was being prepped for an emergency C-section. I remember trying to watch it while my epidural was being topped up. I figured that was the closest I was going to get to watching my favourite show with a glass of wine. I'm sure somewhere in the back of my mind I contemplated delaying giving birth until after the show has finished. 

I usually dislike at-home cooking kits but I am a huge fan of Marion Grasby from Season 2.  After months of walking past her Marion's Kitchen range in the supermarket aisle, curiosity and lack of cooking motivation prompted me to give it a try. I chose Thai basil & chilli stir fry.

I like how each individual packet of ingredient is numbered and comes with easy to follow instructions. However, I don't like that she instructs you to stir fry the vegies first followed by the meat. I do it the other way around to make sure my vegies are not overcooked.

The sauce was a generous amount, she recommends 300g of meat, I used 500g and there was more than enough sauce. The end product didn't look like the sample picture on the box maybe because I used chicken instead of beef and mine looked more saucy. I added cashews to mine.

I expected it to be better than your average boxed cooking kit but since most of them are just plain awful it wasn't that high an expectation. It was actually really good. It tasted just like it was from a Thai restaurant. It was wonderfully fragrant and it tasted like it was made from fresh ingredients. It was flavoursome and mildly spicy. I would definitely buy it again and I'm looking forward to trying her other kits.

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