Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Colour Matching

I know colour blocking is still the rage at the moment but I've never been trendy and I probably never will. Today was such a nice and warm day that I was actually able to wear a skirt and bare my legs and wear short sleeves! 
I look really stiff. Can you tell I'm not a poser?

It was a bit chilly in the morning so I wore a blazer and scarf. Brown and blush is the colour palette for today and everything I wore matched, I think. I don't really care if my outfits don't match, to be honest. My whole fashion philosophy goes something along the lines of "I like this top, I like this bottom, I like these shoes, I like this scarf" and put them all together to make me happy.

Even my nail polish matched!

On the note of matching colours, my new puffer comes in the prettiest dispenser and the cap matched my nail polish on the weekend.

I'm currently watching X Factor and cringing. Don't some of these kids have friends who tell them they're crap? 


  1. Cool, puffer.
    I'm loving this Sydney weather at the moment. I hope Spring arrives super early. I'm so over the cold now. :)

  2. Always combine the right clothes, I like your style.