Friday, 26 October 2012

26th of October.

Twenty six is my favourite number, I like it so much I turn 26 on the 26th of October every year.

This photo was taken on my actual 26th birthday. So long ago.

This was my first birthday party as an adult and all my friends turned up. I didn't think they would travel all the way to woop woop where my parents live but they did. That was the trouble with uni friends, they come from all corners of Sydney.

This was my 26th in 2007. The theme was pink.

This was my 26th 2008.

This was 26th 2009. I was very tipsy here. I usually only drink one glass of wine but someone kept topping me up when I wasn't looking. I was too tipsy to realise anyway.

I can't believe there is no photo of my 26th 2010. I was pregnant with Bubby at the time. I must ask my parents if they have photos. I might have it on the old computer, must check.

26th 2011, the theme was Nautical. Everyone looked great.

I woke up today knowing it's going to be a super hectic day. The first thing I said this morning was "I can't wait for this day to be over". I can't believe I just wished my birthday away. I survived the day despite some semi-major mishaps. I arrived at work to see my desk like this
There were tens of little origami dresses stuck to my pinboard and hanging on my shelf, presents, flowers, cookies, chocolates, macarons and breakfast which I've already eaten by the time I took the photo. Gosh, my desk is a mess.

There was also a cake.

I came home to find one of my rose bushes has bloomed like crazy considering its neglect.

Bubby helped with the laundry. I passed the clothes to him and he put them in the washing machine. They were his clothes, after all.

He closed it without being told.

He even turned it on himself. He is the best birthday present.

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