Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Kitchen (Mis)Adventure - Strawberries and Chocolate. Things That Annoy Me. Things That Make Me Smile

I found myself with three punnets of strawberries and three tubs of frozen chocolate ganache that had to be consumed rather quickly.

I had several ideas but I felt like waffles for breakfast...

Looks good doesn't it? I made the waffles from scratch too.


Bubby had one too.

And he liked it! 

There were some strawberries left but not enough for the tart I had in mind so they ended up being coated in chocolate and left in the fridge to set for a few hours. They weren't the freshest strawberries because they froze in the fridge but they were still edible if you don't mind soggy strawberries.

 Lots of things annoy me as I mentioned in a previous post and there are more things I will add to the list.

Drivers who can't park annoy me.
Mine is the car on the left. This idiot left me with so little room to open the back door which happens to be the side where Bubby's car seat is. Bubby didn't make it any easier with his squirming and arching of the back and kicking. I'm surprised I didn't hit his car with my door. I was tempted. It looked like a brand new car and if I had hit it with my door I wouldn't have left him a note as I figured serves him right for not parking properly. That and I didn't have a pen. I actually waited a little while before attempting to load Bubby in the car just so it was easier for me once their car is gone and also so I can glare at the driver. I waited all of two minutes then figured stuff it, if I hit it then I hit it.

Politicians who have nothing better to do with their time and tax payers' money than to come up with stupid and expensive ideas annoy me. For example, the renaming of NSW roads that will cost us to the tune of $20M. It's supposed to make it easier for interstate travellers/tourists? Newsflash, if you can't find your way to the Hume Highway it's not going to be easier for you to find the 'A22'. Or if you can't navigate your way to The F3 I really don't see how calling it the M1 Pacific Motorway will make it better. Learn to read a map or get a GPS device. I'd hate for the prettily named Bells Line of Road to be renamed boring 'B59'.

Breakouts like I'm 15 again annoy me. I guess it's one way of looking young at any age.
I haven't had a breakout like this in over a decade so why now?

My beauty routine. The cruel irony of needing anti wrinkle cream and pimple cream at the same time. Add to the mix eczema and dry lips.

Enough negatives, there are more things that make me smile.

Bubby and his 'bawoo'. It was cold and windy day at Centennial park last Saturday so he had to borrow his daddy's jumper. He looked like a wizard.

Flowers in the garden.

Bubbby and his current favourite thing, boxes. Here he is in the act of closing the lid.

Bubby drawing stars (tar). After this we went shopping and it wasn't until we got home that I realised I had a green line across my neck. Thanks, Bubby.

Japanese Elm, so pretty.

I discovered that the plant in this pot was actually alive and it's a hydrangea! I'm glad I kept watering it even though I thought it was just dead branches.

A flower from Bubby = Love.


  1. think it's a geranium?

    I hate it when there is no space to squeeze the baby in the car! x

  2. Thanks, FF. So it is, even says so on the little cardboard thingy that tells you how to keep it alive. Can you tell I'm a novice? I also discovered that I have four little camellia plants and one giant one at the entrance to the driveway. They're not flowering like the neighbours ones :(.

    I usually park far away from the entrance just so I can have Space.