Friday, 11 October 2013

New Addition.

Bubby and Chububby have a cousin! Little A arrived a little early on 1st of October although we were expecting her to be a bit earlier, her mum was certainly more than ready to evict her weeks ago.

Chububby looks huge in comparison. Although she really is a tiny little thing. Her mum literally, no word of a lie and I saw the birth video, coughed her out. 

Proud and smitten aunt.

In other news, Bubby had to dress up as a baby animal or his favourite fruit or vegetable for Spring Day at daycare. So I made him a broccoli costume hat.

Obviously, I am not a milliner. My brother reckons they look like grapes. To me they look like fungal spores or a colony of staphylococcus.

Whoever said kids don't like vegetables?

Bubby is one cool dude.

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