Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I sure did.

The Christmas Tree.
These are some of the presents I received:

This is from my youngest brother who was my Secret Santa. It had me rolling on the floor laughing! I think I will frame it. Or maybe I'll just frame the photo of it and buy myself something, if I can unglue the coins from the card.

From the in-laws. I might already have a hundred scarves but one can never have enough.

From hubby, one of my favourite books of all times. The other is Pride and Prejudice. This is my third copy of the book, + other stories.

Such a beautiful book.

I was determined to get this book for my brother but it is sold out everywhere and there's already a waiting list for the reprint. I also tried to convince hubby to buy it for his sister. I don't even know how he got hold of a copy. Such a heartwarming book, I finished reading it already, well it's 98% photos.

A Mark Ryden 2014 diary. I love his work. I can't believe hubby found this diary and it's pink! I have decided to give my trusted pink leather Filofax a break this year. Plus this is easier to cart around.

My favourite thing to do with a new diary is to enter important dates. Hubby thinks it's a funny thing to do. I thought everyone does it.

 I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!


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    1. Belated merry xmas to you and your family. Hope you all have a great 2014!