Monday, 23 December 2013

There's Never Enough Time.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't know how stay-at-home-mums of 2+ kids do it. This is the first moment I had in a long time and that's only because I chose to ignore the folding, the mess and the toddler so I can write an entry.

A couple of days ago I had to see a solicitor so hubby came home in the middle of the day to watch the kids and I got to go out on my own. It was a boring meeting but it was adult time for me and the conversation was not about garbage trucks.

I was so excited to have a to wear heels! It must have been over a year since I wore high heels, thanks to being pregnant and running around after a toddler and now carrying around a chubby baby while running after a toddler.

The rest  all of my time is spent feeding the baby, keeping Bubby out of trouble, cooking, cleaning although you would never really guess it and getting ready for Christmas. I still really struggle mentally with not having quality time to myself. I love my kids but spending day in and out with them is pretty mind numbing.

In random news:

We have a real Christmas tree!

No more of these next year. What a shame as this saved me $11.

I love this plant. If I were a plant I would be an Impatiens.

Chububby did this. The lion is now completely decapitated.


We found this gift card from our wedding when we were unpacking boxes from when we moved like one and a half years ago. It expired in 2009. How annoying that gift cards have an expiry. The card says treat it like cash, well, cash doesn't expire.

This is a weed but it looks rather festive.

We are well and truly into solids.

Well it has taken me three days to finish this post. Someone disrupts me every time I think I have a spare five minutes to write.


  1. I hear ya! When I was on maternity leave after having my Chubster all I seemed to do was feed, change, clean do the pre school pick ups and drop offs, do the washing, fold clothes, put clothes away. It was never ending.

    When I started work again it was like having a holiday! HA HA

    I have found this post most informative Bubby's Mummy.

    I have those festive looking weeds at tge back of my garden. I was trying to remember when I had planted such pretty little flowers and couldn't remember. But now it all makes sense.

    I also have Impatients but didn't know what their name was until your post!!!


  2. Ah the life of a SAHM, when doing something boring is like a treat when you do it without a toddler and/or baby! Well done wearing heels, I wore some for my brother's wedding a few weeks back but can't remember the time before that :)