Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sun, Sea, Sand and Sunburn.

Yesterday was a very warm and sunny day. It's the perfect sort of day for going to the beach, if you are a beach-going sort of person. We aren't but we went to Bondi beach for a birthday party for one of Bubby's playmates from daycare. I forgot to bring sunscreen and hats and I also forgot to bring a muslin sheet to put over the pram and it was a long walk back to where we parked the car so all of us got sunburnt.

I haven't been this sunburnt since a month before my wedding.

Would you believe that it is Bubby's first time at the beach? It's the first time he's encountered sand that's not in a sand pit. It's so easy to spot Bubby and hubby, they are the only ones who are fully clothed.

I've never seen so many brown people who are not meant to be brown. I didn't take a photo of them but I was tempted.

Hubby always says why go to the beach when you can swim int he pool. Why indeed?


  1. I too prefer pools to the beach! Sadly the 2 year old adores the beach. We live 150km from the nearest one but when we visit Granny and Gramps in Qld she lives there. Love the shot of your 'overdressed' hubby and bubby.

  2. I wouldn't mind the beach so much if it wasn't for the sand and the surf. Ha!