Wednesday, 6 November 2013

I Am a Changed Person.

Now that all the leftover cake and dessert from my birthday party and chocolates from Halloween have been consumed, I can now start eating healthily. I have come to accept that exercise alone will not get me back my pre-baby body, especially since I don't actually do any.

This is what I had yesterday for lunch
 Salad consisting of asparagus, lettuce, baby kale, baby spinach, rocket, mixed nuts, smoked salmon and a pinch of parmesan. 

Today I ate a little bit more as yesterday's lunch only filled me up for a couple of hours.
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, baby kale, baby spinach and rocket sandwich and roast pumpkin.

Two big tablespoons of yoghurt and a handful of strawberries, grapes and blueberries.

Yes there's a bit of cheese and full fat yoghurt (but goodness it tasted so good) but I hope this is what people call 'in moderation'. After all, I could be having a cookies n cream ice cream.

I might exercise or I might just take a nap. I'm not that much of a changed person.

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