Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bubby's Big Boy's Bed

Finally, after months of sleeping on a mattress on the floor Bubby's big boy's bed has been assembled and he has made a successful transition. Not only did he transition to a bed he also transitioned into a new room. We've talked about it for weeks so he knew that it was going to be his new room and that he will have a new bed like mummy and daddy's bed. His old bedroom will be the baby's nursery as it's already set up as one.

He couldn't wait to climb on it.

The very first thing that he did as soon as he was on the bed.

More jumping as well as running and rolling around.


Wrestling his toys. He was wrestling around with the bear and saying "I love you, bear" when he rolled off the edge and landed flat on his front. He was perfectly fine so we decided he didn't need cushions on the floor.The bed also isn't that high anyway which is great. 

He sleeps really well right through the night and hasn't rolled off the bed while asleep. He really loved his new bed and didn't even want to go downstairs for his dinner on the night that the bed was first assembled. He still sleeps in a sleeping bag as I don't think he'll keep the quilt on and it's just way too cold to just leave him in pyjamas. Pillows and blankets will be the next phase. Still need to decorate his room but I have a few ideas and projects in my head while I'm on maternity leave.

One more week of work to go! I finish up next Thursday but have to come back a few times to pack and submit a couple of reports but the end is in sight! Just as well because I'm losing the plot a little. I keep losing things only to find them pretty much right in front of me or filing things in the wrong places. The other night while driving home Bubby shouts "This way!" and points to a road I just drove past. I tried to explain to him that it was not the way home only to realise it was actually our street that I just missed. Definitely time to switch off.

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