Saturday, 4 May 2013

Saturday Sleep In.

My Saturday sleep in really started with a 5 AM wake up because Bubby woke up crying. I thought he might have been cold so I turned on the heat but he kept on crying for a while so I decided to lie down next to him. I fell asleep but he kept waking me up because he was trying to pat me to sleep. By patting I mean hitting, being gentle is something he hasn't mastered yet. It actually was pretty cold in his room especially since I didn't have a blanket so it triggered my asthma. Hubby took over and I went back to bed. I woke up at 8 AM to find father and son gone from the house. Hubby ducked in to work with Bubby and drove through McDonald's on their way home.

Not only did I get to sleep in I also didn't have to cook breakfast!

After breakfast Bubby helped his daddy with the gardening and cleaning.

Isn't my camellia just gorgeous? I really wished I wasn't coming home so late these days so I can admire it. Not to worry, four more weeks and I will be on maternity leave!

Who doesn't like pink petals on the ground?

I really wish people would stop telling me I look tired. I'm heavily pregnant, I work full time, I run around after a toddler and hubby has been working interstate for several weeks now, I have been and still am sick, of course I'm bloody tired and look it. Is pointing it out supposed to make me feel better? Anyway, I'm hoping to get a haircut tomorrow. I'm hoping I will end up looking like Katie Holmes pre-Tom Cruise divorce before she looked hobo/boho. 
She doesn't look tired. She probably has an army of nannies and housekeepers and she doesn't really work, does she?

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