Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bubby's Birthday and 'Boxing Day'.

We celebrated Bubby's second birthday yesterday. I can't believe that this tiny little thing is now 2!

The days of the 3 AM feeds.

We started the day with blueberry pancakes.

Then Bubby and daddy headed to the city to go shopping for presents and came back with just about every toy that Bubby touched at the stores minus the ride on Lamborghini only because hubby realised he can't carry it back to the car. I wonder if he remembers that Bubby already has a ride on car he got for his birthday last year.

Bubby helping his daddy blow up the balloons.

The "happy birthday car cake". Bubby has been looking forward to blowing his cake for weeks. He'd make a cake out of play-doh at daycare and stick paddle pop sticks in it and pretend they're candles. We had to re-light his candle at least four times. I think he really enjoyed it.

After he licked and chewed on his slice of cake he decided to put it back and 'fix it'. Yeah, we didn't end up eating that cake.

And here are some photos from this morning. The 'Boxing Day'. 

He made this truck all on his own.

And this plane too.

I tried to put the balloons in the playpen but apparently they have to be in the kitchen. *Sigh* This house will never be tidy.

Look how happy he is though.

Happy birthday my gorgeous little boy! You are such a joy <3.

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