Sunday, 9 June 2013

Baby Shower. Baby Buys. Other Buys.

On my last day at work I walked in to find my desk like this:

This is as close to a baby shower as I'm going to get and it was really nice. I didn't have a baby shower for Bubby or this baby as I'm just not into that sort of stuff. Yes, my desk was already a complete mess before the decorations were put up. I had a super hectic last few weeks and had no time to file anything or tidy up before rushing out in the afternoon to get Bubby from daycare on the other side of Sydney. I work in the West, Bubby's daycare is in the East and we live up North. Crazy.

We are pretty much set for the baby, there are only a number of things I still need to get. I have bought the new baby some new clothes and bedding just so he's not going to be in hand me downs all the time. I still have to get:

1. A baby carrier. I have decided on the Ergo Baby carrier but can't decide which design to get. I really want this but hubby will probably say no as it's a 'girly' colour. Hello, I'm the one who's wearing it. But then maybe he'd want to wear the Ergo too. I doubt it.

I also thought this zebra one is very fashionable:
but I can already hear his reaction to that idea and it's really not very nice. He really shouldn't use language like that even if it is just imagined in my head.

This is the third option:
It's not as fun, I like the colour but I don't really like the stars. I wished it was plain except for the insert pattern.

I'll probably go with boring khaki at least it's not black and it will match the Bugaboo Bee which Bubby is still using.

Speaking of the Bugaboo Bee and Bubby, I thought I would just get a skateboard attachment for Bubby and but the baby in the pram but Bubby can't be trusted not to run off as he has done a couple of times. Plus Bubby's daycare has no parking so we park on the street and walk, I can picture him running away and I'll have to abandon baby in pram to chase Bubby. I'd rather have free hands to hold Bubby and his bag. The daycare also has lots of stairs so I can't bring the pram anyway.

2. A second video camera for the baby monitor. Some people say a baby video monitor is a waste of money and I couldn't disagree more. It would be at the very top of my list of baby must haves. In fact, I think the video baby monitor is the only baby item that I still use now and will probably continue to use until he moves out. I'm dead serious.
And those are pretty much the only two things I still need for the baby. I've already even stocked up on newborn nappies.

And now on to the Other Buys. I had to buy new shoes as during this pregnancy I went through 3 pairs of shoes. I know I've been literally dragging my feet a lot what with the hip instability and all but 3 pairs of shoes!

They're from Diana Ferrari and ended up being 50% off retail price. Too bad Myer didn't have this style as I had lots of Myer gift cards. I usually shop around before buying things but I didn't have the energy. Anyway, who can go wrong with Chanelesque, quilted two-tone with patent leather toes and a bow? Everything good in the one pair of shoes. I haven't had a chance to tell hubby that I bought new shoes. Now he knows. Just so you know, babe, my last pair of cream shoes has a hole in the sole which explains why my foot got wet when it was rainy.

I also got this navy cardigan from Target. It's nice and soft, and better still, marked down from $35 to $3.71. That's less than what you'd pay for a mocha. 

I also got this dress also from good old Target. Also 50% off. This is obviously for when I return to pre-baby size. 

This is current size (37 weeks). I have a loooong way to go before pre-baby size.

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