Saturday, 15 June 2013

Arts and Crafts.

Now I've never been a crafty person, in fact I sucked at art in school. As a preschooler I never liked playing with play-doh because I didn't like the texture and I hate getting the darn things under my fingernails. I never liked colouring in because I'm anal retentive when it came to colouring outside the line and you can never get it perfectly. I don't like gluing things in because glue is sticky and yucky. I hated basket weaving as I always got splinters from the material. I once sliced my finger pretty badly doing one of these crafty projects and sprayed blood all over myself, my classmates, the desks and chairs, the walls. It was like a gruesome crime scene. I probably should have applied pressure on the wound instead of shake my hand and arm like a lunatic. My sewing projects were all perfectly completed by my seamstress grandmother and were all displayed at school. How I wasn't caught out for cheating, I'll never know. The only thing I liked was connect the numbered dots and I always connect them using a pencil and ruler, and counted cross stitching because it's hard to get it wrong.

Anyway, after over two decades since I last did woodwork (oh and I broke a bandsaw and nearly chopped my hand off, lucky I stood back when it started making a funny noise just in time to avoid the blade as it snapped and flung to where my hand would have been) I embarked on a little arts and crafts project with Bubby. I wanted him to be involved in decorating the baby's room so I waddled my way to Daiso and bought a whole heap of materials without really having a clear idea what I wanted to do.

I eventually decided on a transport theme since that's what Bubby is into. I downloaded and printed out some templates, glued them on to a piece of cardboard before cutting it out.

I then traced them onto chiyogami paper. 

 Glued them on coloured paper.

 The whole idea was to get Bubby involved so I cut several extra cars and planes for him to glue on the background coloured paper which he chose.

Not exactly how I would have arranged them but this is how he wanted it.

The finished products. Bubby chose the plane and the truck to go in his room. The cars will go in the baby's room and I will make another plane for the baby. Not bad for someone who is completely artless.

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