Monday, 10 June 2013

Vivid Sydney.

Vivid Sydney is one of my favourite events along with Crave Sydney and Art and About. Sunday a week ago a friend and I planned to go to Vivid Sydney but the weather didn't cooperate.

The pool almost overflowed and turned into an infinity pool.

Luckily the following day was warm for a winter night and we were able to go. Now, I won't insult Vivid Sydney by posting my terrible photos. I learnt that when taking photos of light shows it's best to turn off the flash. A fancy DSLR does not make a fancy photographer. There are plenty of good photos on the Vivid Sydney website and facebook page

Too bad I only made it as far as the Opera House and the MCA. I really wanted to check out Walsh Bay but I really over-estimated my walking ability.

On the way back to the car we passed by this kiosk and I had to take a photo. 
Look how thin I looked. I thought it was pretty amusing especially compared to how big I really am.

I'm really glad we went that night as not only was it not cold it was also not packed and I didn't encounter any traffic on the way to and from the city. Last night was apparently really bad.

I missed Vivid Sydney two years ago as I was a bit busy having pre-labour pains and giving birth and then last year we were all so terribly sick with the flu. I'm glad I made it this year even if I only really saw some of it. Bubby really enjoyed it and would you believe that this is the closest he's ever been to the ocean. He was quite fascinated by the water. I really hope that Bubby, Baby and I (and maybe even hubby) get to see more of Vivid Sydney next year. 

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