Sunday, 16 June 2013

All About Bubby.

This has been sitting in my draft for some days and I have always intended to publish it before the new baby arrives. I now have to do it really quickly and in between some pretty intense Braxton Hicks. At least I'm hoping they're only Braxton Hicks and not real labour, hubby just flew out for one last week interstate.

In the early months of this pregnancy I felt really sad for Bubby that he won't be the centre of our universe anymore, that he'll have to share everything with another baby. As the day draws near however, I've become more excited for him to meet his little brother. I often ask him if he's going to love and take care of the baby and he always says yes. I'm not sure if he understands it all. He often hugs and kisses the bump and he tells the baby "I love you baby" completely unprompted. He refers to it as baby brother.

The other night he sang his favourite song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star softly to the baby.

It was Bubby himself who erased my fears that he will feel left out once the baby is born. I think he'll really want to be a part of taking care of the baby. I'm still worried about how he'd cope while I'm in hospital but he's proven to be very adaptable so far.

He's not always sweet, he knows how to throw a tantrum but luckily they're very quick to pass and he can be reasoned with to an extent. 

He is a bit of a home-wrecker.

Cream suede leather couch and toddlers don't mix.

He's also a bit of a clown, cutie pie and generally adorable.
This is apparently a construction crane.

Always out to steal daddy's chips.

He shares his mummy's love for ballet :).

He can be the sweetest little thing as well.
 He loves to hug and kiss the baby.

This morning he came up to me while I was making breakfast gave me a big hug and said "I love you mummy." He is truly lovable.

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