Thursday, 5 September 2013

Double Ds.

Dancing and dessert, not the usual kind of double Ds.

Yesterday, I was stuck in traffic because the news on the radio said that the Harbour Tunnel was closed so I was forced to take the Bridge. I and everyone else coming from the North Shore apparently also listened to the radio because the traffic was backed up all the way to the Warringah Freeway. And you know, what the Tunnel wasn't even closed. I watched helplessly from my lane as the traffic to the tunnel just zoomed by. I should have just listened to the nursery rhymes CD instead of Kyle and Jackie O.

Anyway, the traffic made it too late for me to go for my walk so I just looked for exercise videos online. I first tried belly dancing but I just felt so silly and uncoordinated, sensual, it did not make me. Then I found this Bollywood Burn video.

The moves were quite fun so I dancercised my way to hopefully at least 1 cm off my waistline. 

I'm not a fan of exercising so I usually reward myself for having achieved it so this was my reward.

It's supposed to be low calories so I hope the dancing and dessert don't cancel each other out.

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