Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Mother of One at a Time.

Oh. My. Goodness. What a week I had last week. Bubby was sick so he was at home for the whole week. He is a good kid but 24 hours seven eight days straight, and one of those days was literally 21 hours because his cough was so bad he didn't sleep until 3 am, was quite a challenge to my sanity. Juggling two kids is a skill that I do not possess. Don't get me wrong, being a mother of two is nice but it would be so much easier if I were a mother of one a time.

Bubby looks sick here but I had to force him to take a bed rest by bribing him with TV. Otherwise, he'd be running around like a lunatic.

That is a Royal Doulton lamp that he's used as a basketball hoop. I'm surprised he got the ball in.

One good thing about having Bubby home is the two boys can bond. Here he joins Chububby for tummy time.

Bubby's first day back at daycare and I treated myself to breakfast. Well, it's more like I didn't realise that I haven't had breakfast until after I've dropped him off and I was positively ravenous. Nice view of the water pity about the crappy weather.

Essie was on sale at Priceline so I got Sugar Daddy. I really quite like it. It goes on nicely and not streaky at all. It's better and cheaper than OPI.

I like the natural pink shade. It's been four days and it's still going strong.

Today I watched this documentary:
It's about what upper middle class New Yorkers do to get their kids into preschool. It's unbelievable. And I thought places for preschool are competitive here in Sydney. Nevertheless, it prompted me to get on with the pile of application forms for schools for Chububby. Fun.


  1. hope everyone gets well soon and sleeps! x

  2. Thanks, FF. Everyone is well and only Bubby was sick despite the baby being coughed and sneezed on. Croup is pretty nasty :(.