Monday, 2 September 2013

Setting the Pace. A Mr. Darcy Moment.

I've been going for a walk around Centennial Park once a week for four weeks now in the hope of melting away the last stubborn 5 kilos. I guess it's not really fair to say that they're stubborn as I haven't really done much physically in order to lose them. My walking buddy is 40+ weeks pregnant so we're not exactly setting a fat burning pace. Seeing as her baby is still slow cooking we're not setting a labour inducing pace either much to my friend's dismay. Today, I walked solo (no, my friend hasn't popped but she went to yoga instead) and did the 3.6 km circuit in 40 minutes. I like to think of it as setting a realistic bar to beat for next time but really I'm just unfit. I couldn't even keep up with an old guy walking his dog. Well, he's not pushing a pram is he? Never mind that it's the lightest pram you can buy.

Anyway, I thought I'd walk like I mean it and look like I mean it as well.

The offending mid-fat pouch/ baby cushion. I get that the baby needs cushioning around the belly but seriously, do the hips and thighs need cushioning too? The arms and face are a little bit padded as well. I felt like Humpty Dumpty when I was pregnant. I'd love to rollerblade but I don't know how safe it is while pushing a pram. I don't want a runaway pram in case I fall.

It might also help my cause if I didn't precede my walk with this.

So, while I was walking on my own I got the chance to absorb my surroundings and Centennial Park really is such an idyllic place. I've only walked the perimeter of the park and there's so much more in it. I'd love to do the self-guided walks one day. I passed by this lake which is one of many.

Suddenly, I had a Mr Darcy moment (you know the one, when he jumps into the lake at Pemberly, of course you know what I'm talking about). No, I didn't jump in the lake in my breeches but it made me want to watch P & P again. Bubby is at daycare and Chububby is asleep, I guess now is my chance. While I fold a mountain of clothes and iron some. My days of watching TV with my feet up are well and truly over.

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