Friday, 24 February 2012

The Blog Formerly Known As The 3 AM Feed.

I was reading previous posts and on this one I wrote that I hope I would be able to change the name of the blog in the future. Well we have travelled forward in time, folks. The future is here! One dares to hope that this is permanent but after a whole week of sleeping through the night there is a good chance we're in for some restful sleep at least until the next Wonder Week.

Isn't this just a wonderful sight?
 I want to thank Faux Fuchsia for mentioning that her Bubby clutches a bear to self settle so I gave my Bubby a comfort blanket which he cuddles, waves around and sucks to self settle and it's now become part of his bedtime routine and sleep cue. Although, lately he's started to suck his sleeping bag instead so now he can only get one or two wears out of them before they need to be washed.

While we're on the topic of sleeping babies, how is this position comfortable?

This seems to be Bubby's favourite sleeping position. Once he's stopped grunting, growling or just chatting to himself I go into his room to check on him and most of the time this is how he falls asleep, head wedged in the corner and bum up in the air. Whatever floats his boat so long as he puts himself to sleep and stays asleep I'm happy. Can you count how many SIDS guidelines I've broken here?

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