Saturday, 25 February 2012

House Hunting Part 2.

*Sigh* another Saturday spent on the road. Here's my take on today's open inspections.

House 7
Eastern Suburbs. Federation, looks really charming from the outside. We arrived there early so we can measure the amount of noise (gotta love the iphone and all the apps you can download, hubby even used his iphone compass to work out which direction the house is facing because he didn't believe that a Science expert is right when she says it's facing West based on the shadow of the trees at that particular time). It's a really lovely street and if you were deaf you'd think it's a very quiet street just by the look of it. Lovely houses on one side of the street, Big Long Concrete Wall on the other. Beyond the wall is one of Sydney's biggest and busiest arterial roads. It was around 70 decibels max. We could still have a conversation and after all, who stands around outside their house for fun? The noise didn't bother me, I didn't think it was that bad but I deal with a lot of occupational noise in my line of work and also the fact that my workplace is located along one of Sydney's busiest roads too, I'm used to it. To me silence is deafening. No really, when it's silent I hear this very loud ringing in my ears that I need a bit of noise for destructive interference. Speaking of destructive interference, the road noise cancelled out the sound of a lawnmower. Ha! Of course, it's more likely that we couldn't hear the mower because the breeze was carrying the sound away from us. Sorry for the Science talk, that's just me oiling the cogs in my brain ready for my Return to Work.


So we sat there, listened to the traffic, measured the decibels, spent some quality time (you take it where you can get it) while waiting for the open inspection. La di da, la di da. The time of inspection came and went and it just didn't happen. Hubby called the agent, left a message and he still hasn't called back. We were definitely there at the correct time according to Domain. So annoying. So from there we rushed to House 8.

House 8.
Eastern Suburbs. Extended 2 storey Californian Bungalow? Despite the very bright fence and Balinese flag that said Open Inspection I managed to walk right past this house. I walked through the gate then couldn't figure out where the front door was. I suppose that's good if you want to keep out burglars. Meh, I can't even be bothered to go on and honestly I don't remember much else after I found the front door.

House 9
Eastern Suburbs. Beautifully renovated Californian Bungalow. I love this house. It's bright and airy, lovely entertainment deck, nice backyard with pool. The whole house is very nicely done. A bit on the expensive side and might prove to be out of our price range anyway come Auction day.

And that concludes this week's open inspection marathon. I'm just waiting to win the next $30M Lotto so I can buy my dream home, a Victorian mansion in Centennial Park. Bubby will be clever enough to attend Sydney Boy's High School so he can walk to and from school. Hubby can also walk to work but he will probably drive his dream car instead. And I will buy my pink Nissan Micra or why not a light pink VW Beetle cabriolet since I have $30M to spend after all. I'd buy a Maserati but it's a bit show-offy and just screams I'm an Eastern Suburbanite and I have money to blow. Plus, they're like so everywhere nowadays. I saw three of them today but I didn't see a single VW Beetle cabriolet in light pink, or any other colour for that matter.


  1. I always wanted a Cabriolet, though I wanted it in lime green. It was the vase that sucked me in.

    House hunting is the pits. I am in the same boat and more than a little over it.

  2. How many house have you inspected before you found the one? House 9 seems like a perfect choice. Too bad it’s a bit on the expensive side. Anyway, I am confident that you’ve found yourself a great deal during your house hunt. Probably something that is nicely done, although doesn’t have to be as gorgeous as house 9, but is affordable and located in a convenient spot for you.

    Willard Evans @ WOW Homes