Sunday, 19 February 2012

To Hell And Back

Bubby has recently discovered his voice. He also discovered that if he yells and screams loud enough he'll get attention. He also discovered that he can yell even louder if he takes a very deep breath first. We have entered the world of The Tantrum. And he's got it down to a T. It's actually the tantrum that was the catalyst for the dreaded Cry It Out. I used to think that every time he'd cry the way he did he was distressed. Until one day he stopped abruptly when he heard my footsteps, he listened and waited. When I didn't come he resumed his wailing. Ha! He's been playing me all along. That's when I realised I need to put a stop to it. He will continue to throw tantrums every time he wakes up at night (which was every 3-4 hours again). I still felt like the world's worst parent for letting him cry. But if he stops crying every once in a while to play or lay still and talk to himself, things can't be that bad. I was getting so little sleep that I have started to waste away despite eating my own body weight in food and was run down physically and mentally. The first night he cried for 45 minutes. It probably wouldn't have lasted as long if I hadn't walked in to comfort him. It just made him scream louder. The next time it took 15-20 minutes, then 5 then 2 then last night he slept from 7.30PM to 6AM! He grizzled a little bit at 2am but didn't wake up. It was nice to wake up to him talking to himself rather than crying. I fed him when he woke up and he slept for another hour. Nice. I am hoping it continues tonight.

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