Monday, 2 April 2012

A Happy Ending to House Hunting and a Happy Anniversary.

We bought a house!!!! 

Hubby played hard ball and we got everything we wanted, you really don't want to be on the opposing side when it comes to 'negotiations' (inverted commas because negotiations imply some give and take, well there was none of that.)  We managed to get the whole thing finalised within 5 days. Now we need to shop for furniture! That won't be happening for a little while yet not until our savings have recovered a little from the shock but furniture shopping should be a lot more fun than house hunting. 

The house purchase being a done deal by Friday night, we had a very chilled out anniversary eve. We woke up to a glorious Saturday morning with bright blue skies and a slight chill in the air very much like our wedding day five years ago but without the nerves.

I happily made French toast which was the only time I touched the stove that day. We headed for the Sydney Fish Market for a seafood platter (Yum!). In the afternoon we went to watch the auction of house 8. It had already started by the time we got there and it was already above the maximum we would have paid. I missed the opening bid but if we had registered for the auction I probably would have thrown that auction paddle on the ground and stomped my feet on it several times.The bidding war continued until it has reached a ridiculous price. The poor buyers looked so happy. They look like a retired couple looking for a project. Good luck to them. I wonder if they have done their research because when we got a building inspection done we also got a quote done for the renovations and it would have been a 6-figure sum x 3 just to get the basic work done. That amount on top of what they paid for the house is really more than what the property is worth. Not to mention the time and hassle of getting council approval and however long it takes to get the place done up. When it was all done I was so happy I jumped up to give hubby a kiss. We definitely made the right choice. I feel like I won that auction. Still on a bit of a high from our good luck we went for a drive to see our new house. All in all it was a great day. We might have had fish and chips for dinner instead of a 5 star fine dining but we're pretty happy. We had such a great day that I really should check to see if I won the lottery that night.  


  1. A BIG congrats to you and your family,
    on the new home!
    Looking forward to see more pics of
    your house.

    P.S. Thank you so much for following, darling!
    I'm now following you back on GFC; #7th follower.
    Hope to see you again on my blog.
    Take care.

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