Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Mayhem That is Packing

Boxes make good makeshift playpen

I have been packing for almost a week now and I think I've pretty much packed our kitchen (we are currently eating off plastic plates). It has taken me all this time just to pack the kitchen. See, I tend to pack things carefully and methodically. First I crumple several pages of yellow pages to cushion the bottom of the boxes, then I wrap everything in butchers paper carefully (they look like presents!) then I pack more crumpled yellow pages to fill the gaps. I then write down on a piece of paper all the items in the box, tape that on the lid and number the box (e.g. 1 of 10, 2 of 10, etc) that way I know exactly how many boxes there should be and what's in each box. Then I enter the box number, box type and contents into a spreadsheet. While you might think that's all a bit OCD, all of those boxes are going to be in storage until we move in to our new house in late May/early June so there's no way I'll remember what's in each box. I remember the stress of having to open up several boxes to find the tongs while in the middle of cooking when we first moved in to our apartment. I thought I was going pretty well and definitely progressing but apparently not fast enough. Hubby decided to 'help'. He wrapped the dinner plates so willy nilly that the wrap unravelled as soon as he was done and then he just dumped them in the box without cushioning. I couldn't watch it. He says it doesn't have to be done perfectly but the way he's doing it I don't know why he bothered at all. His box was getting too heavy with the plates so he asks me for something light to add but I've pretty much packed away all our light kitchen stuff so he grabs random cords from the speakers and other non kitchen appliances and bits and bobs that don't belong in the kitchen. At this point I was really starting to mini hyperventilate. I looked at the mess that he has made and I know that I will have to rewrap and repack them as soon as he's out of the house. Yes, my name is -- and I have a problem.

Edited to add: Hubby says I'm not repacking those boxes. So he reads my blog after all.

I hope everyone is having a good Easter. I've had my lamb and my Easter egg but I haven't had any hot cross bun! Hopefully they're on sale by tomorrow so I can get my hot cross bun fix on the cheap.

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