Sunday, 15 April 2012

I Survived Packing and Moving. Or So I Thought.

It's all over. At least for the next five to six weeks before we have to pack again and move out of the in-laws' place into our new house. At least then we only have our clothes and Bubby's toys and cot to pack.

It's all over but not without some disasters, naturally. Most of our possessions had to be placed in storage for the time being and unfortunately some things that we were meant to take ended up in storage. Everything is in boxes which were mostly labelled except a couple of last minute boxes. Now, I can access my storage space but there are about 50 boxes all up. Not only that but the removalists were so good at packing everything in that they managed to fit 100sq m of stuff into 9 sq m. They managed to do this by putting all the boxes right at the back and the heavy, bulky, there's-no-way-I-can-budge-them-an-inch stuff at the front. So, what's in there that was so important? The heater for Bubby's room but that's ok as my in-laws had a spare one and we might not need it while we're here. There's also the box that contained my favourite (and most expensive) bag. I am also missing some Resumption of Duties paperwork that I need in a week's time which might have ended up in some random box amidst the mad rush of those last few moments before the removalists arrived. Worst of all and this was the one thing that caused me to go into major panic mode, a disaster of epic proportion, this made me HYPERVENTILATE. The box containing ALL my SHOES ended up in storage. This just dawned on me now as I'm unpacking and organizing. I had several boxes containing shoes but one was to come with me. It was labeled and highlighted so and somehow it got mixed with the storage boxes. The only pairs I have are my old black patent flats that are not in the best shape and are a little loose as they were the shoes I wore throughout my pregnancy so they have stretched and a pair of joggers that I just neglected to pack because they didn't fit nicely and somewhere in the back of my mind I thought that maybe, just maybe, I may want to exercise. I'm trying to think of what worse could have happened and can't think of any. My Box of work stuff could have ended up in storage but I'm sure I could live without them for seven weeks if I had to. My beautiful shoes! I've been so incredibly looking forward to wearing decent shoes again. It took me a long time to work out which shoes I should take and made sure there was a pair that could go with every work outfit combination. There's only one way to rectify this situation and it has to be done fast! I'm not quite sure how to break the news to hubby that I have to buy new shoes. I suppose I can lay the blame on him since he was the one who sorted the boxes. I will have to work on my arguments.

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