Thursday, 27 September 2012

Hubby is Home!

I had a pretty busy day on Tuesday, running errands and doing the Art and About in the city as you do when you're on holidays. That night while Bubby and I were having dinner there was a knock on the door. I don't like answering the door (or the phone) and I seriously contemplated hiding but the TV was on and I already walked in front of the door so the person already saw me. I figured I could just talk through the glass door (we don't have a security door) when I realised the person at the door was wearing a suit and had a suitcase and was trying to hide! Who else would do that but hubby? I was so excited that I actually jumped on him. He didn't tell me he was coming home and I wasn't expecting him until the end of the week. Not only was he back home early he is also not going away again for a few weeks AND he has taken the next two days off! He's back at work tomorrow but the last two days has been so nice it's so weird that we are chillaxing in the middle of the work week.

Yesterday was spent shopping around for a new fridge, and a spur of the moment detour to The Fish Market for a seafood lunch after an earlier detour to our old neighbourhood for takeaway Chinese only to discover that the shop has closed down :(.

It was hubby's idea to go to the Fish Market since it was on our way home. That is why I love him.

The seafood festival didn't have to end after all!

We took a wrong turn on the way to the Fish Market and ended up on Anzac Bridge. It was a glorious day to be driving over bridges.

I drive over the Harbour Bridge everyday but this is my favourite part of the drive home from work. There's something about the ascent and driving in between buildings that seems so cool it's almost disappointing when I see the Bridge because I know the best part of the drive is over.

Today was spent doing the rounds at hubby's work introducing Bubby to hubby's colleagues. Afterwards we  spent the rest of the morning at the museum. We had lunch in the city where Bubby and I shared lamb shish kebab, tabouli, salad, pita bread, babaganoush, felafel and chips (very nice chips not the greasy soggy kind). The woman sitting at the next table kept looking at us. I don't know if she was amazed at Bubby's appetite or horrified at what I'm feeding him. Whatever, I thought I went for the healthy option considering the choices. Bubby also had his first gelato. I practically had to hold his arms down and force feed it to him. People probably thought we were the worst parents in the world. Bubby eventually realised that he loved it. The best thing about letting him eat gelato was that he learned to finally use a spoon properly!

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