Tuesday, 11 September 2012

On the Mend.

I am back at work today after having taken practically all week off last week. I didn't take the week off by choice, I was forced to stay at home until I was better. When I emailed work last Thursday to say that I'm well enough to come back on Friday the Second Boss called me to insist that I stay at home and that if I tried to come to work the Big Boss will just send me home anyway. I think they all felt justified in keeping me away because my voice still sounds husky. I really hate taking time off, I come back more stressed because work just piles up. I was going to sneak into work last Friday to grab some work to take home but thought better of it and then worried about the work all weekend. When I arrived super early at work this morning, what do you know, the work has been done for me! Two of my colleagues split some of the work between the two of them and my intern also picked up some of what I left behind. Bless them all. There was still a gazillion things I had to do but the help really was beyond measure. They didn't have to, nobody asked them, they just did it as a 'gift'. One of them also made me lunch because she knew I probably haven't been cooking so there's no leftover and she was right. I am so lucky. Thank you my beautiful colleagues.

Little things amuse me like this new thing that keeps me alive:

Doesn't it remind you of a bong?! LOL!


  1. What lovely colleagues you have!!!
    As for the bong, I couldn't really see it till I read your caption *lol*

  2. Ha ha! Clearly, I have watched one too many episode of Breaking Bad and Wilfred.

  3. get well soon, am adding you to my blog roll x