Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Garden.

I've been talking a lot about the garden lately but I've never had a proper one and God knows how long this one will live as I have a black thumb so I will indulge myself while it's still thriving (sort of).

Bubby pointing at the 'plower' (flower).

This one is for Faux Fuschia

The garden on the other side of the house.

Not looking so healthy from this view. I need to think of what to plant in that empty patch. There's no point having a veggie patch with all the bush turkeys around.

I could plant this gorgeous tree if I knew what it was. Before anyone can suggest taking a cutting to replant, it sounds too difficult and it requires skills I simply don't have. Actually, the place could do with a camellia.

How useful is Bubby? Now I just need to train him to do the weeding.

So adorable, and so obsessed with cars.

I was thinking that if I were to become a real gardener I will need to be properly attired and equipped first:
Gardeing apron.

Gardening gloves.


Kneeling cushion


  1. So many lovely flowers!!!!
    I also had never thought of a kneeling cushion until I read your post. I like the look of all of your matchy gardening apparell :)

  2. the pink is an azalea and they are hard to strike. Love all your orange clivias, the net worth would be $4000 as they are so 'pensive and slow to grow.

    You need camellias x