Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Seafood Festival Continues. Outfit Post. The Perfect Shade of Red.

Hubby is coming back home tomorrow but the seafood festival continues tonight.
There were four crabs and I ate them all. They were all female too and had roe. I couldn't have controlled myself even if I wanted to, and I didn't. Well, I didn't eat the claws. I'm saving them for tomorrow's seafood fix. Last night I had spaghetti marinara and will have the leftover for lunch tomorrow. I think I had seafood for dinner every night of this week.

However, seafood is not the only thing I've eaten. I have to cover other food groups like carbs, for example.
Baklava of the carbs and protein (from the pistachios) food groups and tea from the antioxidant group (ok I made that up). The place mat (part of a set) was a wedding gift from a dear friend. Lots of hilarious memories of our New Zealand trip come with that bird. In our native tongue, puke (poo-ke) means lady part that rhymes with angina and ko is a first person possessive singular noun. You do the math, er English.

Today, I wore one of my favourite dresses. It divides the masses. They either love it or hate it, they haven't said so but they say I look like a nurse/candy striper. 
One can never go wrong with a shirt dress. My shoes don't match the dress, I know but I like them so I wore them.

At least my nails matched. Excuse the ugly knuckles and bad nail painting job, my left nails were done better but the red pony is on the right sleeve. The nail polish is Pillar Box Red by Butter London. It glides on so nicely and one coat is enough but I put on two. It's a deeper shade of red than it appears in the photo. The perfect shade of red, really.

The nail polish comes free with this month's InStyle mag. For just under $9 you get a $24 nail polish plus a discount voucher for Butter polishes and a glossy mag. What are you waiting for?


  1. That crab looks awesome. Where's my invite to your festival of food? Actually, don't answer that, if you're not sharing all that crab with your husband then I'm thinking you're definitely not sharing it with me! *LOL*

    Going to see if i can get my hands on an Instyle mag, just for the polish!!! :)

  2. The seafood festival ended last night :(. It's likely to continue on Monday when hubby goes away again.

    I bought my InStyle a couple of weeks ago and still haven't read it but I have used the polish a couple of times. It's like I bought a polish and got a free meag :).

    I just realised I can't read your blog anymore :(.