Sunday, 8 July 2012

The 2 AM Wakeup Call. Window Shopping.

Well, after months of sleeping through the night Bubby is waking up in the middle of the night again. I thought he might be cold so I doubled up on the sleeping bag. Unlike before when he'd sometimes wakeup and cry for about 30 seconds and fall asleep again, this time he wakes up screaming. We'd do the whole controlled crying thing because I'm done with the 3 AM feed but he'd wake up screaming a number of times. I know he's not cold or hungry. It could be Wonder Week 55 as he's very clingy and temperamental lately, too. Or it could be that he's teething. I noticed that his gums are a bit swollen and a little red but I can't feel any teeth yet. So if this is due to teething I'm afraid this will be a drawn out process. Poor Bubby, he didn't have any problems with his first 6 teeth. I think maybe molars may be involved this time. I'd rather teething than the dreaded Ear Infection again.

Meanwhile, I'm still window shopping for an outfit for my brother's wedding in November. I really want something that is floral and floaty as it's a spring wedding. I have this ASOS dress in mind:

And these Next Direct dresses:


Or alternatively I could recycle this maternity dress that I wore to a friend's wedding in February 2011 when I was 6 months pregnant with Bubby.

This photo always makes me laugh. I look so frumpy and uncomfortable. Well, if memory serves me right my feet were very swollen (yes, I know they don't look swollen but they were, my anaesthetist also laughed at me when I complained about my swollen feet and ankles after my C-section because he thought they were 'slender') that night from my shoes (which were also my wedding shoes and yes they were also uncomfortable on my wedding day). I could barely stand that night hence the awkward pose. Supermodel pose it ain't but I had a lot of fun that night and this was the time when I really enjoyed being pregnant.


  1. Love the first dress and the last one you wore when you were pregnant. You've got a great smile by the way :-)

  2. Oh, thanks :). I'm just a bit apprehensive buying a dress online without having tried it on first.

  3. oh but you were a gorgeous pregnant lady oh. and yup, i love your dress.

    gee look at me, hindi wag pala. i was a whale on my last two months with yllac.