Saturday, 7 July 2012

My New Favourite Store - Daiso Japan.

I don't actually know what my favourite store was or if I had one before Daiso Japan. I've always wanted to go but it was always too far away for me to travel. Now that it's only a 5 minute drive I'm going to have to visit it at least once a week. It's a 100Yen store or if you're unfamiliar with that it's like a discount store but everything is cheap (everything in store is $2.80!) cute and colourful, think pastel coloured toilet brushes, brooms, gloves and clothes pegs.

These gloves make me want to do the washing up.

I've been looking for plain white pegs (which I never found, until now) because I don't like the boring multi-coloured ones that you get from the supermarket. If I had known these pastel coloured ones existed I would not have settled for boring red and blue.

I bought some pink trays to organise my socks, stockings, scarves, belts and undies. I also bought a facial lotion with sake extract. Why spend $$$ on SKII when you can get the same ingredients for $2.80. I also got this lip gloss: 

It's a nice subtle shade of pink and it comes in a nice pot, the lid is like a big diamant√©.

It's perfect for work and it's not drying. I think I'm going to get the darker shade as well.

I got a haircut and I like it. While I was getting a haircut my parents and brother took Bubby to Softplay. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and didn't want to leave apparently. It tired him out good too as he slept for just over 2 hours in the afternoon.

Next Saturday is his belated Birthday Party. I have planned the menu (there will be green beans and green peas for the birthday boy) now I have to think of decorations.

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  1. I've had a lot of friends rave about Daiso but have never been there myself. I must make sure I drop by it sometime. :-)